Close Sibling Bond Leads to the Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation

Frank and Lynn’s story: a Brother and Sister Unbroken

/ PRNewswire / — Lynn Napoli Marynowski and her younger brother Frank Napoli are as close as a big sister and little brother can be. They are an extension of their tight-knit family. From being raised together (along with a brother), to working together—Lynn has worked at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for 25 years and Frank 17 years—and, to this day, still living nearby each other, their parents and brother in Chicago and surrounding suburbs, Lynn and Frank share a close sibling connection. So, when Lynn was struck with the diagnosis of Stage 3 breast cancer back in June 2012, that road—no matter how long—would also be theirs to travel together.
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"Lynn's diagnosis hit our family like a ton of bricks," said Frank. "I think initially we were all just stunned, as there was nothing more frightening than the possibility of a future without Lynn in it. All I wanted to do was to be there for my sister. I wanted to do whatever I could and whatever she needed me to do."

Frank notes that through it all, Lynn demonstrated unwavering positivity, resilience and strength. Resolved to do something big for Lynn, Frank—with the support of family and friends—thrust his energies into raising money for the organization that was helping his sister fight the battle of her life: Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s Lynn Sage Comprehensive Breast Center. Through those efforts, some $80,000 was raised for the Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation (LSCRF), which raises money for cancer programming and research.

"When a diagnosis hits, it just doesn't affect that woman, it hits everyone who loves her," said Stephanie Lieber, LSCRF board chair. "Frank and Lynn's story touched us so deeply because Frank shows that this disease impacts men as much as women. Frank's efforts represented the largest donation we saw that year and we are very grateful to him and their family for their support."

The LSCRF is dedicated to the courageous spirit of Lynn Sage. The Foundation supports innovative contributions that promote awareness and understanding, research and the treatment of breast cancer in partnership with Northwestern Memorial and the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University.

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