New to the Industry: A Transparent Aseptic Package from Ecolean

HELSINGBORG, Sweden, November 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Ecolean will begin the year 2014 with the launch of a brand new innovation: a transparent, aseptic package solution. The package is called Ecolean Air Aseptic Clear, and with its transparency and light weight it will create a unique position on the market.

The new package, Ecolean Air Aseptic Clear, makes the product visible for the consumer. It is a one of a kind transparent and aseptic package, which gives it a unique position on the market. Suitable contents are all non-carbonated soft drinks like lemonade and ice tea. Thanks to the combination of transparency and great printability, the producer can decide how much to show of the product.

“Ecolean Air Aseptic Clear is a fresh and inviting package with low environmental impact. It is clearly a great opportunity for our customers to differentiate and let their products stand out on store shelves” says Peter Nilsson, CEO at Ecolean.

As with all Ecolean packages, Ecolean Air Aseptic Clear is lightweight and has a low environmental impact. Once emptied it becomes flat as an envelope, which means less waste volume.

Ecolean Air Aseptic Clear is available in 200 and 250 ml and will be launched during the first quarter of 2014. Visit to read about Ecolean Air Aseptic Clear and Ecolean’s other new innovations, SnapQuick and Ecolean Air Aseptic 750 ml.

For further information, contact:
Louise Hobroh, Marketing Manager, Ecolean AB
Phone: +46 10 459 40 00

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Ecolean develops and manufactures packaging systems for the dairy and liquid food industry. Modern lightweight packaging is about consumer convenience as well as concern for the environment. Founded in 1996 Ecolean is an international company with 260 employees. With headquarters in Sweden it has commercial activities in more than 30 countries, China and Russia being the largest markets.

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Ecolean Aseptic 200 Transparent Straw
Ecolean Aseptic 200 Transparent Straw
Ecolean Aseptic 200 Transparent Straw
Ecolean Aseptic 200 Transparent Straw

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