Experience the Revolutionary New Completely Bladeless, Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery Technology – LENSX® – With Mehta Eye Clinic

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Dr Siddharth performing Lensx surgery
Dr Siddharth performing Lensx surgery
LenSx machine
LenSx machine

MUMBAI, November 28, 2013, /PRNewswire/— Mehta Eye Clinic, a leading Eye care specialty clinic in Ghatkopar, Mumbai, has always been on the forefront of technology. With an aspiration to bring the latest and most advanced Eye Care technology for patients, Mehta Eye Clinic has always believed in investing in the best. The Clinic has recently introduced LenSx® -the first of its kind, completely bladeless Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery in the city of Mumbai.

Mehta Eye Clinic, founded by Dr V C Mehta, has over three decades of experience, and is known for its comprehensive range of advanced Eye care services. With the introduction of LenSx®, the clinic has now created a benchmark for itself.

LenSx® is a highly technologically advanced option for Cataract patients and offers multiple advantages over traditional Cataract surgery. Known popularly as FemtoSecond Laser it is a revolutionary, precision based technology certified by the US FDA.

Traditional Cataract surgery involving the use of a manual surgical blade to open the eye is now replaced by LenSx‘s unmatched precision which uses Femtosecond Laser and computer control, making it a true Robotic laser cataract surgery.

Dr Siddharth Mehta shares that the entire surgery is painless and has up to 10 times more accuracy than manual cataract surgery. Making it a much safer option with predictable outcomes. The Clinic in fact has a 2 way glass wall in the OT which allows patient’s family to see the entire procedure. Live feed of the entire surgery is also shown via TV in the waiting area.

Mehta Eye Clinic has successfully completed a significant number of LenSx® Laser surgeries and the response has been tremendous. The future of eye care is definitely here!

Please visit http://mehtaeyeclinic.com/lensx.php for more details and to request a consultation.

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