Family Play: Doll Houses hold the Key to Playing Together this Holiday Season

/ PRNewswire / — Almost all parenting experts support the belief “The family that plays together, stays together.” But with new gadgets and gismos entertaining the youngest minds today, it’s harder than ever to find activities the entire family can enjoy.
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With the holidays around the corner, interactive and memorable gifts like doll houses are a wonderful way to bring the family together through play.

A popular toy for centuries, doll houses have delighted both boys and girls of all ages around the world. Before they were considered toys, these small-scale homes were built for adults as decorative collector’s items. Due to their intricate designs and details, these precious gifts were primarily available for only the wealthiest of families. With the advent of mass production, doll houses became much more popular among children in the mid-17th century.

Finding interactive activities that offer outlets for all ages and personalities is key, according to Swedish classic brand Lundby™, the world’s most sold dolls house brand.

“The fundamentals of play begin at home with the family,” said Beau James, President of Lundby North America. “Our dolls houses offer a multitude of play possibilities, from building and decorating to pretend play and role playing. There are limitless possibilities every family member can participate in.”

Lundby™ has been following trends in fashion and home décor since 1945. The historical accuracy in each and every dolls house designed remarkably captures a snapshot of the decade’s styles and modern conveniences. Lundby was the first dolls house brand in the world with “plug and play” electric lighting, pioneering the trend that has delighted fans for generations.

Lundby now offers the Smaland dolls house, an architecturally sleek and modern multi-level house, with yard and gardens. Each dolls house is a typical example of a modern dream home in miniature format scale 1:18, where 1 foot in real life is 2/3 inch in dolls house size.

Smaland is the first of its kind to come complete with a prewired, child-safe 5-volt lighting system. There’s even a collection of holiday accents that allow the pretend family of characters to celebrate the season.

The extensive Lundby product line offers stylish home décor accessories including rugs, curtains, furniture, housewares, yard toys and even wall paper options which can be conveniently downloaded from the Lundby website. There are even decorating tips from well-known decorators on how to implement today’s trends in your own home, an added feature for adults to enjoy.

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