Making A Giant Impression in the Dust

Giving the Smaller Guy a chance often pays off big in the long term – for both parties.

/ PRNewswire / — Today, Imperial Systems (Jackson Center, PA; is one of the world’s leading makers and suppliers of premium-quality dust-and-fume collection equipment: systems, filters, replacement parts, and comprehensive service. But its initial sale to a local manufacturer of overlay plate and other products that combat severe impact and abrasion in a wide variety of industries, took a major leap of faith on the buyer’s part.
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“We grew exceptionally fast,” says Sam Anderson, President of JADCO Manufacturing, Inc. (Zelienople, PA; “Our existing dust-collection equipment was simply too small and underpowered, particularly as we began to expand our capabilities, to provide us the air quality we required.”

Anderson knew the significant challenges his operations presented for any vendor, big or small, assigned to keep JADCO’s air clean.

“We create weld smoke in our operations. It’s harder to collect versus dust. It wants to dissipate – it’s not concentrated like the typical materials a collector would be removing from a fabricating site. Not to mention, our robotic welders and heavy plasma cutters run 24/6, too,” claims Anderson.

Imperial, though, remained undaunted in its pursuit of its neighbor’s business, incorporating what it observed, during multiple visits to JADCO, into its new collector design specifications. Jeremiah Wann, President, stayed in constant touch with Anderson and Scott Kay, JADCO’s long-time Maintenance Manager, to apprise them of evolving Imperial technologies and offerings. Eventually, Imperial placed a CMAXX-16 unit at the Zelienople site.

A few years later, JADCO built a brand-new 70,000-square-foot production facility to accommodate its expanded fabrication capabilities: plasma/oxy-fuel cutting, manual burning, heavy forming, plate rolling, bending, grinding, and digital and manual welding, to name a few.

“For everything that Jeremiah and his crew had done for us when we were smaller, to his ongoing commitment to learn our business and operations, and for his ability to truly understand the particular air issues we now faced due to all the welding we planned for our new, larger shop, we asked him to submit a quote to install a much bigger CMAXX unit, including ductwork and accessories,” says Anderson. “We also solicited bids from a few larger collector vendors.”

Imperial, however, won the work…and in ways far surpassing their outstanding product quality.

“They were in here daily, round the clock. Their engineers worked closely with us to design a major system that would properly regulate the air in our larger manufacturing space. From their unit, to the filters, to the galvanized-steel piping that had to be configured around our bridge crane, Imperial planned and installed a custom solution ideal for our worker safety, workstation protection, and stringent operational requirements,” says Kay.

In addition, Imperial helped JADCO set up a system to reclaim the material that was being removed from the air so that the plate-maker would incur no disposal fees.

JADCO eventually decided on a CMAXX-48 system with its unique Pulse Distribution technology that delivers 100% even pulsation across the filter walls, resulting in optimum smoke-collection performance and extraordinary filter life. The unit has no external bolt holes – so water cannot get into the body to damage the filters.

The two aforementioned Imperial CMAXX (16 and 48) units, each backed with an industry-best 15-year warranty, are equipped with Imperial’s premium DeltaMAXX vertically hanging filters that employ a NanoFiber filtration process that prevents particulates from embedding into the top-quality media. These filters provide twice the service life versus other models, and yield an exceptionally high 15 ASHRA MERV efficiency rating. In fact, DeltaMAXX styles pulse 94% less – and emit 97% less contaminant – in tests against others in its class.

“Filter life is critical here, obviously, “ begins Anderson. “We’re currently getting up to 10 months out of each set of DeltaMAXX filters – even running three shifts per day.”

Adds Kay: “And when we have to replace them, changeouts are a snap because there’s plenty of room between the filter and racking in the CMAXX units. At any given time, we have more than 100 DeltaMAXX filters either operating or in stock here. As far as we’re concerned, the DeltaMAXX has the best media in any filter we’ve ever tried.”

Kay shares his performance-measurement criteria for Imperial’s CMAXX collectors and DeltaMAXX filters:

“Everything that’s drawn out of our manufacturing building must be clean when it re-enters…because everything that goes through our CMAXX units makes its way back into this same building. That’s why, for maximum worker safety, health, and operational efficiencies, we need products that deliver each and every shift. Our CMAXX collectors, because of their outstanding design, do exactly that – and are just about maintenance-free.”

Then there’s Imperial’s industry-renowned service.

“Imperial listens to us. They made sure to understand our needs before they suggested what unit or filter will best suit what we do here. Plus, if we have any trouble, they’re here the day we report the issue. They provide outstanding technical support and advice, too,” says Kay.

Through steady persistence, dedicated support after the sale, and continued ongoing technological advancements and enhancements, Imperial won – and maintains – JADCO’s business, providing complete systems, premier products, and responsive service.

Anderson and Kay can attest for just how much Imperial has proven itself, in all capacities, at JADCO:

“They fully understand just how dependent we now are on them: If our CMAXX goes down, we are down – because we simply cannot run our equipment. I think that just goes to show how much trust and confidence we have in Imperial Systems,” concludes Anderson.