/ PRNewswire / — In recent years there has been a shift in the understanding of cancer. Immunotherapy with vaccines has been emerging as the most promising direction towards a decisive improvement of treatment outcomes.
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The Dendritic Cell Vaccine has received FDA approval for prostate cancer and trials are now under way for a variety of other cancers. These vaccines are usually administered on their own.

Issels Integrative Immunotherapy distinguishes itself decisively by integrating the Dendritic Cell Vaccine into an immunobiologic core treatment, which on its own has shown remarkable results in the management of standard therapy-resistant cancers. Issels Integrative Immunotherapy is a highly specialized non-toxic treatment and always personalized according to each individual patient’s needs.

In 1951, Dr. Josef M. Issels, MD founded the world’s first hospital specializing in integrative cancer treatment including integrative immunotherapy as the fourth weapon against cancer. In spite of opposition by some chapters of the cancer establishment, in 1970 the hospital expanded to 120 patient beds exclusively dedicated to cancer patients in advanced stages. Ninety percent of these patients had failed standard treatments and yet a remarkable number achieved documented complete long-term tumor remissions and remained cancer-free for many years or decades.

Issels Integrative Immunotherapy stands out for integrating specific autologous cancer vaccines, such as the Dendritic Cell Vaccine, as well as autologous Lymphokine-Activated Killer (LAK) Cells and activated autologous Natural Killer (NK) Cells, into a comprehensive immunobiologic core treatment. This core treatment addresses the tumor microenvironment and is designed to restore the body’s complex defense mechanism, thus enhancing the efficacy of the vaccine and cell therapies, which work on the cellular level of the immune system.

Whereas most of the various trials administer the Dendritic Cell Vaccines on their own and are new, the Issels Immunotherapy Protocols are based on extensive experience of administering these vaccines in conjunction with the comprehensive immunobiologic core treatment. This integrative approach has already demonstrated its powerful potential in achieving complete long-term remissions such as this case of complete remission of small cell lung cancer for over ten years without recurrence.

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The Issels medical team has been providing individualized integrative immunotherapy in Tijuana, Mexico, at the most modern hospital of the largest private hospital network of 22 hospitals in Mexico. The hospital meets the highest US and international standards of patient care and safety, and is the only full-service hospital in Mexico offering integrative medicine.

The Issels immunobiologic core treatment is available at the Issels US out-patient facility, where patients can also receive genetically-tested advanced targeted cancer therapies. A patient who recently completed this immunobiologic core treatment after undergoing nearly all other conventionally available options is one of the examples of the remarkable results from the core treatment alone.

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For more information visit the Issels website at and learn more about the Issels treatment programs and facilities, or watch more videos of patient testimonials.