Chengdu Becoming Recognized as Destination of Choice for International Fairs

/ PRNewswire / — Many large-scale international conventions and exhibitions were held in Chengdu during 2013, bringing a notably higher level of international recognition to the city’s convention and exhibition industry and efficiently promoting the development of trade and commerce across the city. During this year's Fortune Global Forum that also took place in Chengdu, Global 500 companies and other well-known multinationals signed 74 investment deals, bringing in an aggregate investment of 112 billion yuan (approx. $US18 billion). During the 12th World Chinese Entrepreneur Convention, another Chengdu-based event, 47 major investment promotion contracts with a total value of 33.6 billion yuan (approx. $US5.4 billion) were signed.
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Chengdu's municipal government released a new set of guidelines, entitled Interim Provisions on Strengthening Convention and Exhibition Management Services and Promoting Industry Development, in September, further improving the registration protocols for conventions and exhibitions as well as lending further standardization to the market.

According to the Chengdu Bureau of Statistics, the city hosted 502 major conventions and exhibitions in 2013, an increase of 46 events, or 10.1 percent, from a year earlier. Chengdu hosted 169 exhibitions in 2013, an increase of 15 events, or 9.7 per cent, year-on-year. Of these, 53 were international in nature, an additional 15 events, or 39.5 per cent, over a year earlier. Over the same period, the city hosted 104 international conferences and forums, an increase of 28 events, or 36.8 per cent, since 2012. The combined area occupied by the exhibitions reached 3.01 million square meters, up 11.0 per cent compared to the previous year, with the space used for international exhibitions rising 16.7 per cent to 1.50 million square meters. These events together generated direct income of 6.05 billion yuan (approx. $US975 million), up 20.5 per cent from a year earlier, while indirect income grew 21.1 per cent to 51.0 billion yuan (approx. $US8.2 billion).

Chengdu's convention and exhibition industry is expected to maintain steady growth in 2014. Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Exposition, the government unit responsible for the development of the convention and exhibition industry in the city, said Chengdu will host many prominent Chinese and international events including the 15th Western China International Fair, the Michelin Challenge Bibendum, the 2014 World Robotics Industry Innovation Conference, the 9th EU-China Business & Technology Cooperation Fair, the Household Paper International Technology Exhibition and Conference, the Global Mobile Game Developers Conference and the API China & PHARMPACK & SINOPHEX in 2014.

SOURCE Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Exposition