Jiuzhai Valley successfully holds ninth China Jiuzhaigou International Ice Fall Tourism Festival

/ PRNewswire / — The ninth (2014) China Jiuzhaigou International Ice Fall Tourism Festival recently took place. Throughout the winter, Jiuzhai Valley rolled out various tourism packages and special offers to Jiuzhai Valley’s visitors as well as staged a series of events.
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The third Miss Jiuzhai Valley competition was held on January 11, and the lucky winner will take on the role as the image ambassador of area for the coming year, promoting Jiuzhai Valley’s charms as a tourist destination.

The opening ceremony of the Jiuzhaigou International Ice Fall Tourism Festival was held at Jiuzhai Valley’s Pearl Shoal Falls on January 12, inviting journalists from over 70 well-known Chinese and international media. Partners including local and international tourism organizations, resort operators, travel agencies, airlines and hotels also attended the event. The "Comprehensive Culture and Beautiful Aba - 2014 International Introduction to Tourism and Tourism Marketing” was hold in the afternoon of the same day. Jiuzhai Valley’s tourism officials gave a presentation on the tourism resources, and inked long-term strategic cooperation agreements with several partners to gain greater recognition worldwide and improve the area’s international image.

At the Fifth International 'Smart Park' Forum, co-hosted by Jiuzhai Valley and the Tourism Research Centre of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences on January 16, Jiuzhai Valley collaborated with more than 20 top scenic resort operators across China to jointly form the "China Smart Scenic Spot Alliance", with the aim of building an intelligent community of resort operators who communicate with and learn from each other.

The China Jiuzhaigou International Ice Fall Tourism Festival opens up new “must be seen” travel stops across Jiuzhai Valley’s winter landscape and aggressively drives the development of the winter and spring tourism markets.

About Jiuzhai Valley:

Jiuzhai Valley is a well-known scenic spot in China. The area’s dozens of snow-capped mountains and 114 lakes, each with their own unique colors and charm with each change of the seasons.

Jiuzhai Valley is immensely rich in flora and fauna. The 300-square kilometer virgin forest is inhabited by rare and exotic animals including giant pandas and golden monkeys.

Since its opening in 1984, Jiuzhai Valley has been designated by the Chinese authorities as both a National Natural Protection Area and a National AAAAA Scenic Spot and by the respective international organizations as a World Natural Heritage site and a Man and Biosphere Reserve.

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Mr. Wang Qiang