Artistry® Launches Ideal Radiance Line with Patented 3D Technology to Deliver Three Dimensions of Radiance for Superb Brightening

/ PRNewswire / — Uneven skin tone has emerged among the top beauty concerns for women, becoming somewhat of a global obsession*. With that in mind, Artistry® scientists created a powerful combination of botanicals and innovative brightening technology.
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Artistry Ideal Radiance, a seven-piece brightening skincare collection, harnesses an exclusive 3D Technology, addressing irritation, the appearance of hyper-pigmentation and environmental protection, as means towards achieving unparalleled radiance.

“It is virtually impossible to avoid some degree of skin irritation on a daily basis,” explains Jesse Leverett, senior research scientist at Amway. “Environmental assaults, such as UV exposure, stress, and even the sheer act of chronologic aging, bring irritation. With irritation ultimately comes spot formation.”

Protect. Correct. Prevent.
The Artistry Ideal Radiance collection takes a holistic and comprehensive approach to brightening. This pioneering delivery system helps calm and soothe skin, fade existing discolorations, and provide a superb level of hydration and protection to address the factors that contribute to spot formation.

Protection arrives in the form of a soothing blend of brightening botanicals chosen for their restorative benefits to skin: a MultiFlora Blend of English Daisies, European Geraniums, Jasmine, Evening Primrose and Sophora Japonica.

Next, a highly concentrated form of Pearl Protein offers soothing benefits – helping to correct visible dark spots and discolorations.

To achieve the final step of prevention, an exclusive, 3D Brightening Technology deploys three powerful ingredients to the right depths of the skin’s surface. These ingredients are the soothing Licorice Extract, a brightening patented Acerola Cherry Ferment, and Ceramide 3 – a lipid which helps with moisturization.

The seven-piece Artistry Ideal Radiance collection includes:

  • Illuminating Cleanser – Rich-lathering cleanser diminishes the appearance of pores.
  • Illuminating Moisture Lotion – Refreshing toner that hydrates the skin.
  • Illuminating Essence – This luxuriously silky essence deploys unprecedented brightening power to the deepest layers of the skin surface, giving skin an instant radiant glow.
  • Spot Corrector – Highly concentrated treatment targeting the most stubborn dark and age spots, helping to diminish their appearance.
  • Illuminating Moisturizer – Luxurious lotion that works to hydrate, soften and soothe skin (for those with combination-to-oily skin).
  • Illuminating Moisture Cream – Ultra-rich and luxurious intensive hydrating cream (for those with normal-to-dry skin)
  • UV Protect SPF 50+ – Ultra-light, oil-free formula to provide a defensive shield with UVB/UVA protection.

Radiant Performance
“Our clinical tests speak for themselves,” said Maud Pansing, VP Global Beauty. “There are special instruments that actually measure skin brightness and evenness, and Artistry Ideal Radiance products performed amazingly well – not just immediately, but after two, four and 12 weeks. We tested both individual products, as well as the system, and were blown away by results.”**

When using the Artistry Ideal Radiance collection, clinical testing revealed:

Instantly, skin appears more radiant.1
24 hours, visible dark spots diminish.2
7 days, more even tone is revealed.2
4 weeks, skin brightness improves.2

Artistry Ideal Radiance Spot Corrector is available in the United States in June 2014 and the full Artistry Ideal Radiance collection launches in September 2014. Artistry® products are sold exclusively through a network of more than three million Amway distributors worldwide. For more information, visit

Artistry® Brand
Artistry® is ranked among the world’s top five, largest-selling premium skincare brands***. Founded in 1958 by an entrepreneurial husband and wife team, the Artistry® portfolio features advanced skincare developed with new technologies and proprietary plant ingredients. Artistry® products target both the biological and environmental signs of aging for men and women, along with classic and seasonal color collections for face, eyes, and lips. Superior formulations reflect the global research, development, and quality assurance conducted by a network of more than 900 scientists, and directed by a board of scientific and academic advisors working together to push the boundaries of beauty forward. Artistry® products are sold through more than 3 million Amway distributors in more than 100 countries and territories worldwide. For more information, go to

Amway is one of the largest direct selling businesses in the world. In 2013 Amway reported global sales of $11.8 billion, a record for the organization. Founded in 1959 and based in Ada, Michigan, Amway offers consumer products and business opportunities in more than 100 countries and territories worldwide. The top-selling brands for Amway are Nutrilite® vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements, Artistry® skincare and colour cosmetics, and eSpring® water treatment systems.

*Source: 2012 report by Mintel market research group.

** Artistry® scientists tested both the Artistry Ideal Radiance Illuminating Essence and Spot Corrector, individually and as part of a system, over 12 weeks. Subjects used the products twice daily, and results were both self-reported as well as measured using a form of colorimetric instrumentation and digital photography.

***Source Euromonitor International Limited.

1After using the Artistry Ideal Radiance System (Illuminating Cleanser, Illuminating Moisture Lotion, Illuminating Essence, Spot Corrector, and Illuminating Moisturizer).

2When using Illuminating Cleanser, Illuminating Essence and Spot Corrector.

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