Porto Cruz New Winery Grand Opening

PARIS, /PRNewswire/- La Martiniquaise, the owner of the world leader Porto CRUZ, opened a new site with a state-of-the art new winery and a centralized bulk storage. The project represents a significant investment in the Port’s industry.
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Located in northwest Portugal in Alijo, the new facility comprised a winery, with an annual capacity of six million litres, and a centralized bulk storage for 20 million litres. It is surrounded by the vineyards of the famous Douro valley, where the grapes that go into making Port wines are grown.

« La Martiniquaise has a long history of passion with Port. This investment in Douro, will cement our commitment to develop the sales of Port and to expand the positions of Porto CRUZ worldwide» states Sylvia Bernard, the Group International Marketing Director.

In late June, Mr CAVACO SILVA, President of the Republic of Portugal, the Secretaries of State for the Economy and Agriculture and the French Consul, after a guided tour of the winery, inaugurated this new site belonging to the GRAN CRUZ house.

In his opening speech, the President of the Portuguese Republic welcomed the investments of LA MARTINIQUAISE Group in the Portuguese economy and his involvement in promoting and developing the export of Port wine. This national event was broadcasted on Portuguese televisions.


An independant French group founded in 1934 by Jean Cayard, LA MARTINIQUAISE is the second-largest spirits group in France and features in the world top 10, with a large portfolio of international brands (LABEL 5 Scotch Whisky, Poliakov Vodka and Porto CRUZ). The group operates in 110 countries and has doubled its turnover in 10 years to 920M€.


GRAN CRUZ is the world's largest producer of Port. Based in Vila Nova de Gaia, near Porto, GRAN CRUZ owns the cellars where over 65 million litres of Port, including more than a million litres over 20 year old, are aged. Its production capacity of 25 million bottles a year makes it one of the most performing sites in Portugal.


In respect of a unique know-how dating back to 1887, Porto CRUZ is an iconic brand proud of its origins and expertise. Combining tradition and innovation, the brand shares its vision of Port by promoting a unique and creative experience of tasting.

With 6 million litres sold in more than 50 countries, CRUZ is a leading brand in France, Portugal, Belgium, Spain and Russia.

Contact: LA MARTINIQUAISE – Aurélie Prat – Email: aurelie.prat@la-martiniquaise.fr
GRAN CRUZ, Rua José Mariani, 390, 4400-195 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal