Iconic Watch Brand Continues Series of Films That Capture the Spirit of Gifting

/ PRNewswire / — Baume & Mercier released today a short film that brings to life the beauty of the age-old saying, “it is better to give, than it is to receive.” “Celebrate Dad,” is slated to launch today on and the brand’s social media platforms.
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Celebrate Dad” follows the lives of a father and son through the years beginning at childhood. Shared from the son’s perspective, he reflects on his life and the role in which his father has played in shaping him into the man he is today. Now, as an adult, the son realizes his deep love, respect and appreciation for his father, and marks this moment by giving him a Baume & Mercier men’s watch

To support the brand’s new advertising campaign, Baume & Mercier sought to create a short film bringing the spirit of gift giving to life. And since Baume & Mercier prides itself on being the companion to life’s celebratory moments, video was an ideal platform to engage consumers with rich and emotional storytelling.

President, Baume & Mercier North America, Rudy Chavez, explains, “This short film truly underscores the significant relationship between a son to father, for time plays such a beautiful role in that relationship. Our timepieces are known for and will continue to be special heirlooms that are cherished and passed down for generations.”

Baume & Mercier has released a new short film celebrating the special bond between father and son in honor of Father’s Day. In the film, an adult son reflects on fond childhood memories he shared with his father. He marks his love and appreciation for his father by gifting him a Baume & Mercier timepiece. It is special moments like these that form the ethos of Baume & Mercier’s heritage and new ad campaign shot by world-renowned Peter Lindbergh, which commemorates some of life’s most celebrated moments through intimate, universal photographic stories.

With the launch of this short film, Baume & Mercier aims to reach a larger audience by tapping into online channels including its own website, social media platforms, video hosting platforms, as well as fans of the brand who choose to share with their friends. The goal is for this short film to continue to provide inspiration for gift-giving moments.

Baume & Mercier, the seventh oldest watch brand in the world, continues to stay relevant after 184 years by focusing on the heritage of the brand since it is its past that inspires its future. Since it was founded in 1830, new and compelling products continue to be introduced inspired by their vintage pieces. This maintains the brand’s classic yet modern DNA and “Life Is About Moments” mantra.

Celebrate Dad” was produced by 3rd Strand, a full service boutique production house specializing in exceptional storytelling and advertising solutions for the jewelry industry. Based in New York City, they create original campaigns and emotionally powerful content for designers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

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