Travel Is A Very Big Deal For US Consumer, 2014 Great American Vacation Study Finds

the deals that motivate consumers to travel more

/ PR Newswire / — Americans may be workaholics, but a majority still travel for pleasure. Of these holiday-takers, 90% are traveling at least once a year and are actively seeking out the best deals (primarily online) for their desired destinations. Consumers in all income brackets seek out the very best deals and the better the deals they find, the greater their propensity to book another vacation.
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The parago travel report, “The Great American Vacation Study: How Travelers Seek, Shop and Save,” examined US leisure traveler behavior, booking practices and which incentives truly work. Nearly 1,200 consumers responded to the survey.

“Our research shows that consumers at all income levels are hungry for travel deals, especially online. Not surprisingly, these consumers would travel more if able to find good bargains,” said Theresa Wabler, Vice President, Global Marketing of parago, an international incentives and engagement company. “To build loyalty with the frugal and savvy American traveler, companies would be wise to pair discounts with additional offers for more travel. For instance, when delivering a prepaid card incentive, include an exclusive offer usable only with the card for a future trip.”

“The Great American Vacation Study: How Travelers Seek, Shop and Save” report can be downloaded for free here. Key findings from the leisure travel research include:

  • Travel deal finding is rampant: 85% of US travelers look online for deals. 65% check 3 or more sites. 56% of travelers are more likely to take additional trips if they find great deals. Also, price and value are the top influencers on booking airfare and hotels.
  • “Frugal affluents”: The higher their incomes, the more likely travelers are to take more trips when offered a great deal — from 47% (for incomes ≤ $19,999) to 66% (for incomes ≥ $200,000). Also, travel loyalty programs are popular with the affluent: more than 71% of people earning at least $100,000 belong to one, and the percentage goes up with income.
  • Which incentives work: The most motivating incentive for air travel is a free checked bag; the most desired incentive for hotels, resorts or cruises is a prepaid card. Also, 42% of travelers would book more quickly for a best-price match delivered via rebate. However, only 6% of travelers purchase bundled air/hotel deals.
  • Planning is personal: These days, the majority of leisure travelers plan their own trips, starting on search engines for most travelers (57%). Travel booking sites are a distant second (13%) and only 2% use travel agents.

The parago traveler behavior study was conducted via online survey during March 2014 with 1,180 adult respondents representative of the US (in terms of education, income and gender).

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