A Campaign to Defend the Right to Pay Your Way

Deluxe Launches ’Stand Up For Your Right to Write Checks’ Campaign to Preserve Payment Freedom

Americans are tired of being told their checks are not accepted at stores and restaurants. According to a recent Ipsos survey of consumers across the country, three-quarters of Americans believe they should have the freedom to pay at stores or restaurants with whatever method of payment they prefer. And for millions of consumers, that preferred method is the reliable standby, the check.

Yet, it seems, retailers are hanging ’no checks’ signs on their windows. This reliance on only cash and credit forms of payment severely limits consumer-spending power and creates problems for those who wish to carry checks.

’Stand Up for Your Right to Write Checks’ is about putting the power back in consumers’ hands (and their checkbooks). The campaign is a grassroots effort designed to raise awareness of, and help preserve, this vital payment method for consumers who rely on it each day to pay their bills and shop in their local communities. ’Stand Up for Your Right to Write Checks’ seeks to reach consumers and business owners in a variety of ways:

  • Consumer Microsite & Online Tools: Serving as campaign’s online presence, www.righttowritechecks.com is the central source for content surrounding this awareness effort. Here, consumers have access to social media, breaking campaign news, entertaining videos, links to personal finance resources, and an online petition, where they can join forces with others across the country and speak their mind about checks and check writing.
  • Humorous Videos: ’Duncan Steele, The Man with Checks Appeal’ is a series of videos featuring check writing hero, Duncan Steele. Produced by College Humor, the videos show just how alluring check writing can be.
  • Social Media: In conjunction with the microsite, the campaign Facebook page will be a convenient and central place to get the latest news, updates and access to fun check-writing promotions happening in their own communities. Consumers will also be able to follow Duncan Steele on Twitter to hear about his latest check-writing conquests.
  • Local Retailers and Merchants: In the coming months, consumers will learn about an exciting promotion happening at neighborhood stores or restaurants offering the opportunity to write a check and win exciting prizes.
  • Working with Banks: Many consumers are never offered checks when they open new checking accounts. We’re working with banks, big and small, to turn this around so consumers have access to as many forms of payment as they desire.