• Nik Wallenda masters Chicago skyline with new JEANRICHARD
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Nik Wallenda masters Chicago skyline with new JEANRICHARD

“King of the Highwire” Nik Wallenda sets two World Records and accomplishes yet another spectacular walk at an astonishing height with new JEANRICHARD for Wallenda Terrascope

LA CHAUX-DE-FONDS/CHICAGO, 5th November, 2014/PRNewswire/- On 2 November 2014, Nik Wallenda, the “King of the Highwire”, now 9-time World Record holder and JEANRICHARD ambassador, crossed the skyline of the windy city of Chicago for Discovery’s Skyscraper Live with Nik Wallenda. The Chicago riverfront was filled with over 65 000 excited spectators and press from all over the world, who followed Wallenda’s every step on the tightrope. During the  8 minutes and 09 seconds adventure, Wallenda was accompanied by his newly revealed JEANRICHARD Terrascope special edition timepiece featuring a bezel that was inspired by the cross-section of his wire.

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The walk took Nik Wallenda across the Chicago River on an inch (approx. 2.5cm/size of a US quarter coin) wide steel cable, starting at a height of 588 feet (about 180 meters) from the Marina City West tower, when he went upward at a 19-degree angle, rising 83 feet (about 25 meters) to the Leo Burnett Building and setting the first World Record for the steepest tightrope walk in 6 minutes and 52 seconds in winds that were gusting at up to 25mph (about 40 km/h).

Wallenda's second part of the walk was from the Marina City west tower to the east one at a height of 543 feet (about 165 meters), while he was blindfolded. That set the second World Record for the highest blindfolded walk. It took Wallenda 1 minute and 17 seconds to cross these 94 feet (about 29 meters).

“The King of the Highwire” accomplished the entire walk in an impressive 8 minutes and 09 seconds, without being secured by a safety net or a harness. There is no doubt that this crossing will mark history, equally to Wallenda’s walk over the Grand Canyon last year, being his second one wearing a JEANRICHARD Terrascope timepiece on his wrist.

“It’s a pleasure to once again be partnered with JEANRICHARD now also on my Chicago highwire walk. We share the same ‘Philosophy of Life’ where excellence in your craft and a sense of adventure are necessary to accomplishing great feats. JEANRICHARD shares and understands the great commitment needed for success, whether it be on the highwire or on the watchmaking bench.”

The Swiss luxury watch manufacturer has a “Philosophy of Life” that stands for living the life to the fullest and having a passion for what you do. Partners and brand ambassadors – such as Nik Wallenda – accompany this journey by representing this unique vision. The renowned Wallenda family has been in the highwire art for seven generations and passed on their pioneering spirit throughout. Just like Daniel Jeanrichard revolutionized the Swiss Watch making industry and has influenced it tremendously through his apprenticeship system since the 17th century.

This journey is visible in the assembly of the special edition watch for Nik Wallenda, too. The design of the timepiece is integrally inspired by his walks. The vertically satin-finished steel case features a bezel, whose main pattern reflects the cross section of the wire, while Nik Wallenda’s logo is illustrating the artist walking on the grey brushed dial.

Inspired by Nik Wallenda’s true strength and will power, this Terrascope also features an engraved “Special Nik Wallenda Edition” case back, and offers a black rubber strap that goes hand in hand with the steel case and provides maximum comfort on the wrist.

 “To us, Nik represents the strong values of JEANRICHARD and the true spirit of an adventurer just perfectly. We are excited to support him in his passion for the extraordinary and to contribute to his success”, said Bruno Grande, Managing Director of JEANRICHARD. “And especially excited after this World Record setting walk as we just presented him before his grand success and also the watch aficionados with a special edition time-piece created for and with the King of the Highwire.”

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