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Creative Production | Media Strategy | Targeted Distribution

For nearly 20 years, we have been extremely passionate about partnering with our clients, bringing best-in-class stories and concepts to life, and getting those stories to the audiences who want to experience them most. Borne from the vision of starting a robust multimedia division, MultiVu was created by PR Newswire in 2002. We have since morphed into a media strategy and production powerhouse backed by our parent company, Cision.

Our reputation in the industry is unparalleled. Coupled with access to best-in-class distribution and data analysis, we are a winning combination for our clients.

Examples of what we do:

Strategic Counsel

We specialize in partnering with agencies and brands to create year-long PR/Marketing plans or customized, robust individual campaigns. From ideation to implementation, delivery, and reporting – we do it all.

Media Tours

We produce 200+ Media Tours (virtual, satellite, and radio) every year – twice as many as anyone else.


IR and PR teams rely on us for 800+ earnings teleconference and live webcast events every year.

Digital Content

Our OG Multimedia News Release (MNR) is arguably the most well-known in this space, and we have since expanded to designing and building more pieces that enrich our clients’ digital content ecosystems: landing pages, microsites, interactive content – you name it.

Creative Video

We have won more than 75 awards for creative video production (animated, live video, and PSA content), including the platinum Hermes Creative Award, multiple platinum dotCOMM Awards, platinum AVA Digital Award, silver Summit Creative Award, and multiple awards for Excellence from the Videographer Awards.

Media Placement

We can produce and amplify audio, video, or photo content for any audience. Whether that includes hiring an influencer, pitching your story to the media, or targeting it to podcasts, smartphones, TVs, radios, taxis, airports, digital outdoor signs – if you can dream of it, chances are we can get it there!

Best of all, everything we do is in consultation with you and customized for your needs. We're available for single projects, and we can also fill the agency gap for you, providing you with strategic counsel and flexibility to change things up as the need arises.

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