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Interactive Content Experiences

Why interactive content?

Marketers are finding that interactive content – where users can engage with what they're seeing – increases retention of the information, brings more people back to the content, and is more likely to be shared. Essentially, it is crucial to conversion rate optimization (CRO)! The actions of the interactive user can be tracked to give you more insights into what your audience found to be engaging and useful, which in turn helps you to prove the ROI on that piece of content. Even more than that, it gives you the opportunity to ask more questions and get more information, which leads to a more highly qualified lead and a higher likelihood (often twice as likely!) that the viewer will click, enter, and submit their information.

What are interactive web content experiences?

Interactive web content experiences are pieces of online content that actively give the audience a way to interact with it: answering questions, turning pages, calculating a result, etc. These can be quizzes. Knowledge tests. Interactive infographics. Interactive white papers or annual reports. We have a more comprehensive list of options below. This content can live on its own or be embedded into your website, landing page, email campaign, social media, or even onto your MNR.

Examples of Catalyst

Here's a list of several ways we can transform your content into an interactive web experience:

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