MultiVu Dashboard

Introducing the MultiVu Dashboard

The MultiVu team understands the value of data in guiding business decisions and evaluating marcomms objectives. It is essential to our clients’ bottom lines to know where, when, and whom you are reaching and if you’re effectively engaging your desired markets. Our goal is always to work with your brand to achieve impactful outreach.

This is why we were so excited to launch our new proprietary reporting platform, MultiVu Dashboard. Currently, MultiVu Dashboard is the reporting HQ for our digital product suite, and our vision is to make this a one-stop-shop for all of our products and services.


Why MultiVu Dashboard?

With MultiVu Dashboard, we are delivering on yet another promise that we’ve made to our clients – to make working with MultiVu easier. As proponents of the multichannel approach to content distribution, our projects usually involve a variety of complementary tactics, which in turn result in several different reports coming in from different tactics at different times. MultiVu Dashboard will simplify this process by providing one secure location where clients can access all reports coming in from all portions of a larger campaign.

What will be on my Dashboard report?

Great question! Dashboard reporting will provide key metrics for each of our services. Essentially, we’ll show you where your content is living and who has viewed and/or interacted with it so that you are able to report on the ROI of each of your campaigns. Dashboard provides you with a comprehensive analysis, including demographics, impressions, views, airings, and more depending on your content distribution strategy.

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