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Few comms solutions are one-size-fits-all, and digital content is no exception. We’ve put together a brand-new suite of content marketing and PR solutions that will diversify and amplify your content ecosystem. Whether you are trying to reach media or consumers, broad audiences or niche demographics, we’ll help you showcase your brand and optimize it for the best channels.

The options featured here are based on data from successful use cases of digital content creation and distribution. Don’t see what you’re looking for below?

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Why Landing Pages?

Landing pages are marcomms tools that are hyper-focused on one message and one action. They work in tandem with your communications strategy (and website) to further educate incoming audience traffic on your product or service before directing them to complete the next action in your conversion funnel. Since you control how people are finding this landing page, you can tailor your message to meet those visitors at their current stage in the buyer’s journey.

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  • Combine owned, earned and paid distribution strategies to find new audiences and encourage engagement with your brand or announcement.
  • Custom-branded landing page to house your press release and related content.
  • Traditional journalist reach through press release distribution to US1
  • 10,000 guaranteed pageviews through display ads
  • Posting of 1 image to the Reuters Sign in Times Square

Suggested Add-ons

  • Retargeting of MNR audience via paid advertising
  • Video Seeding
  • Satellite Media Tour
  • Radio Media Tour



  • Build a page to house collateral, news, and other resources for your internal communications needs
  • Unlimited assets
  • Up to 10 hours of live page edits


  • Archive all your public initiatives and document upcoming milestones
  • Ideal for sweepstakes, month-long celebration or awareness events
  • Includes 3 Content Updates, which include: US1 distribution, live page edits (to replace/update content on the page), and 30K guaranteed pageviews
  • Unlimited words and asset hosting

Suggested Add-ons

  • Digital Broadcast Distribution for B-roll
  • Media pitching
  • Audio News Release
  • Satellite Media Tour
  • Radio Media Tour


  • Bring your brand to life with eye-catching and memorable content that cuts through the clutter and engages your audience.
  • Detailed reporting showing full visibility into the exact elements your audience engaged with. Use that data to fuel future content.
  • Quizzes, solution finders, lookbooks, interactive whitepapers etc.

Suggested Add-ons

  • Native and display retargeted advertising
  • MNR
More Info


  • Can have landing page component
  • Amplification package custom-built to your goals
    • Choose between 50,000 guaranteed pageviews
    • OR

    • 120,000 impressions through Premium Publisher Advertising

Suggested Add-ons

  • Campaign goals based upon impressions or clickthroughs to MultiVu landing page or your website.


  • Landing page where a video is prominently featured
  • Includes closed captioning
  • Includes reporting on video promotion
  • Includes 5K guaranteed video views through video advertising

Suggested Add-ons

  • Cision PR Newswire US1 press release distribution
  • Digital Broadcast Distribution for B-roll
  • Full-episode player
  • Pre-Roll
  • Media pitching


  • Landing page to keep assets / announcements for the event.
  • Ideal solution for trade shows, conferences
  • Include lead generation forms - either through your own marketing automation software, or let us build you one. After building the list, we can email opt-in audiences to alert them to new updates and content added to the page.
  • Up to 5 hours of live updates included. Update period: 1 month

Suggested Add-ons

  • Cision PR Newswire US1 press release distribution
  • Targeted outreach to key paid ad campaign demographics via native advertising
  • Twitter/Facebook influencer packages
  • Geo-fencing in-person events with paid ad campaign
  • Media pitching


  • A hosted solution that helps you focus on why journalists should cover your story.
  • Hosting of broadcast-quality video
  • .zip file for easy download of all press assets
  • Reach journalists with media-only distribution to US1
  • One Cision Influencer List

Suggested Add-ons

  • Media pitching
  • Digital Broadcast Distribution for B-Roll


  • Localize all of your content for global audiences.
  • Includes main English page and 10 localized language pages.
  • Distribution to journalists across the world using Cision PR Newswire’s World General Media newsline.
  • Unlimited word count - say what you need to say
  • Posting of 1 image to the Reuters Sign in Times Square

Suggested Add-ons

  • Guaranteed pageviews via display ads, targeted to international consumer audiences.

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