Multichannel News Release (MNR)

A Multichannel News Release (MNR) is a distribution strategy that promotes your content to journalists and consumer audiences across multiple channels. All incoming traffic goes to the MNR landing page to provide more context to your message and encourage further engagement with your brand.

MNR laptop and phone graphic


  • Guaranteed pageviews to your MNR landing page – or to a site of your choice.
  • Fully customizable branded landing page. It's your content, and it should look like it.
  • World-class distribution through Cision PR Newswire
  • Include multiple galleries to house assets for different audiences or topics.
  • Share individual assets to your favorite social networks – or share the whole page!
  • Get your image up in lights through Times Square Photo Distribution.
  • Spread the word on Twitter through SocialPost.
  • Access your reporting 24/7 through MultiVu Dashboard, a new reporting platform dedicated to your MultiVu projects.

If you’re sharing your content with just one channel, you are very likely missing opportunities for reach and engagement. It’s tricky to find that perfect combination of following the rules of each channel and having each one complement the others in a cohesive cross-channel strategy. Whether you need a multichannel digital approach, as with our MNR, or a larger-scale multichannel strategy, our team can guide you to success.

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