Satellite and Radio Media Tours (SMTs/RMTs)

11+ million impressions guaranteed

MultiVu's production, post production, and media relations teams are award winning professionals dedicated to delivering effective, innovative results.

We produce over 200 media tours per year, making us a leader in the broadcast industry.

  • Collaborate with our team to spread your message and reach an expansive viewer base via national/international TV.
  • Place content in specified demographics and tailor messaging toward your target markets to drive engagement and secure ROI.

MultiVu production and media relations experts are well versed in producing radio media tours. Our team can produce custom RMT's to target your audience via top national and local radio stations.

  • Strategically place content on distinct stations during prime-time slots to reach your target demographic.
  • Engage listeners with exceptional talent selected by our award-winning media relations team.
  • Leverage top radio stations to direct listeners to your content, announce an event, product, or campaign.
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