Webcast Services

Live on-site webcasting and teleconferencing services

Audio Webcast:

  • Single source audio connects global audiences.
  • Facilitate a question and answer session with speakers, provide safe harbor language and collect participant details.
  • Audio webcasts are optimal for earnings calls, educational programs, internal meetings, and shareholder day events.


  • Leverage top of the line teleconference services with live support via our web based control room. Help is a click away!
  • View your caller list, and sort them based on your Q&A.
  • Utlize pre-recorded presentations with live Q&A.
  • Customization is available depending on communication needs.
  • Standard package: dial in/dial out telephone service, sub-conferencing, digital recording, and full conference monitoring

Video Webcast:

  • Drive engagement by offering your online audeince a front row seat via live stream. Showcase your event in real time, with a high quality, full scale, production.
  • Bring your event to life on a digital platform such as Facebook Live, or other leading live stream services.
  • Leverage features like Facebook’s latest reaction buttons, as well as commenting, sharing, and more.

Event Production Capabilities:

  • Our award winning production will ensure a seamless experience from start to finish to achieve the best results.
  • We have live event experience worldwide, producing events from Europe, Asia, Africa, and Anartica.
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