Webcast Services

Live on-site webcasting and teleconferencing services

Connect and extend your key events to your audience through MultiVu’s industry-leading Webcast Services

Whether you’re conducting an earnings call with shareholders, want to invite customers and prospects to learn more about a new product or service you’ve recently launched or simply have a message that you’d like to share in an interactive fashion, webcasts are a dynamic and effective platform for communication.

MultiVu offers a variety of different service options to ensure we are matching our expertise with whatever your needs may be. Let our experienced team customize a program that will ensure you maximize the return on your investment.

Audio Webcast:
Using a single audio source, we can connect you to your global audience via an effective, economical platform. Your branded media player can facilitate a question and answer chat with speakers, provide safe harbor language and collect participant details. An audio webcast is an excellent solution for earnings calls, educational programs, internal meetings and shareholder day events.

Video Webcast:
Engage your audience even further by offering a live video stream of your event. Whether the venue is a banquet hall, concert hall or corporate meeting room, offer a front row seat to your online audience. A video webcast makes a stronger connection with your audience; they can see your speakers and make a more personal connection with your company, product or presentation.

Event Production Capabilities:
Let our award winning production team provide you with a seamless end to end experience to ensure your live event is the best it can be. We have worldwide experience producing events from Europe, Asia, Africa and Antarctica.

We offer top of the line teleconference services with support from a live operator through our web based control room, where you can also view the list of callers on your line and sort your caller Q&A list. We offer the option of prerecorded presentations with live Q&A or can customize your event according to your needs. Any required assistance from your live operator is a merely a click away. Our standard packages include dial in and out telephone services, sub-conferencing, digital recording and full conference monitoring.


Standard with every webcast:

  • Up to one year archive
  • Reporting
  • Branded, customizable registration pages and player
  • Mobile Streaming
  • Two National notification releases
  • Password protection

Make any webcast event more dynamic by adding additional features:

  • Roll-in Video
  • Presenter and Viewer Controlled slides
  • Downloadable Supporting Material
  • Audience Polling
  • Surveys
  • Interactive Q&A
  • Social Media
  • Archive Indexing
  • Confirmation and Reminder Emails
  • Audio files
  • Transcripts
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