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Asleep with TV on
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Listen to Watch: How Sound Can Bring Your Video to Life

by Jeanne Gunther

Have you ever “watched” something but weren’t sure why you had such a strong reaction to it? The scene was rather stark; nothing visually stimulating. Yet somehow you felt a myriad of emotions in what otherwise looked like a rather normal sequence of events. Now silence your speakers and watch the same scene again. Without the sound, is that emotional scale even remotely close?

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Bilingual Benefits: Why Spanish Language Tactics Should Be a Part of Earned Broadcast Strategy

by Roxanne Garcia

There are presently over 50 million Hispanics living in the United States. Hispanic population growth has hit an all-time high and despite such growth beginning to slow, so has the number of Hispanics who speak Spanish at home.

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Dos & Don’ts: Helping Your Spokesperson Plan Their SMT Attire

by Lindsay Hohl

With award show season in full swing, we know stars have chefs, trainers and stylists at their disposal before they walk down the red carpet. While there may not be a red carpet leading to the studio for your next satellite media tour, we can definitely help your SMT spokesperson look and feel like a star with these simple dos and don’ts!

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Behind the Scenes

Diagnosis Media Tour: Going on Location Can Add Context to Stories

by Gerard Wong

Thousands of stories compete for the public's attention every day. It's enough to make organizations with news to share ask the same question, “What can be done to cut through the clutter to get our message out?”

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Amplify Your Brand with the Power of Times Square

by Matt McCoy

All MultiVu branded landing pages include distribution of an image to the Reuters board in New York City's Times Square. Besides the “wow” factor of seeing your content on this huge display in an iconic location, this presents an opportunity to boost social engagement. Below are some examples of social media being used to boost the power of Times Square content, information on the display itself and ways to optimize your content for its Times Square appearance.

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MultiVu Top 5 Blogs
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MultiVu's Top 5 Most-Viewed Blog Posts of 2017

2017 was an important year for us. Not only did we launch our revamped website, we also created the Beyond Broadcast blog - a resource chock-full of information written by our team of experts from all different areas of the business. While the website was successful, the blog was a total hit! It consistently ranked the #1 most-visited section of

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MultiVu Analytics
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Video Specs for Noobs: format, size, bitrate and why it all matters

by George Cook

In the content jungle knowing the difference between a local broadcast video and a social video can be your key to survival. Formats, bitrates, window size, what does it all mean? In this post, we try to explain what your vendor is telling you when the say the dreaded words, “Broadcast Quality.” There are a few key terms to understand when exporting your video for distribution.

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MultiVu Analytics
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Data … and Broadcast Media???

by Amanda Becker

Data. It’s one hot topic. It’s not just for financial institutions and the tech world anymore. Behind every single industry sits a ton of data. The interesting and fun part is taking the information, making sense of it and then making it easy for clients to understand (and making it look pretty doesn’t hurt either).

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Navigating the Content Jungle

Navigating the Content Jungle

by Larry Cardarelli

Once a year, I ask the creative team here at MultiVu to think about an educational video for our sales team to share with clients. In past years, we’ve created an animated series on Goldie the goldfish. The focus of the Goldie videos was to stress to communicators that they have mere seconds to catch their audience’s attention. Back then, finding stats about the role online video plays in communications was still relatively nascent. We had to dig.

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Healthcare and Creative graphic
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Healthcare and Creative: A Love Story

by Lauren McCurdy

Healthcare, meet creative. Creative, meet healthcare.

These two have been forever bumping into each other in your videos... Will they ever make it work, fall in love, and live happily ever after?

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Co-Op Media Tour
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Co-Op Media Tours: How Brands Can Shine When They Share the Spotlight

by Kai Carroll

Co-Op Media Tours are a great way to get products and services in front of the consumers without bearing the cost of a stand-alone tour. But how can brands shine when they share the spotlight with multiple partners?

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Winning Tips for Pitching Morning TV Shows

by Maggie McMahon

Morning TV show producers receive hundreds of email pitches and countless phone calls from PR people every day. Many producers work overnight, then produce their show, then prepare for the next day's show. By the time a producer looks at your email pitch or answers your phone call, there is very little time to consider your story.

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New Tricks are a Brands’ Treat

by Stephen Kaplan

Content marketing has evolved over time, providing brands the opportunity to reach consumers in entirely new ways. With media fragmentation growing and screens proliferating, capturing your audience’s attention has never been so easy and yet so complex.

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5 Tips to Leverage Facebook Live for your Brand

by Dan Conboy

Since its 2016 debut, Facebook Live has proven to be a valuable and innovative tool for media companies and brands to get their message out. Facebook now states that Live videos account for 20% of all videos on the platform, and Google Trends finds that it's search popularity has risen over 330% since Facebook Live's rollout.

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3 Ways to Harness the Creative Chaos

by Jillian Breslin

Creativity is perceived as something that can't be taught - a spontaneous and unorganized spark that can strike at any given moment. Therefore, creativity tends to be a bit messy - full of rewrites, crumpled pieces of paper, and maybe a panic attack or two.

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Media Tour 101: What to expect and how to prepare the talent

by Cyd Middlesworth

The interview schedule has been finalized, the set and props are ready, catering has been ordered, and now all that stands between you and your satellite media tour is a good night's rest. But what to expect that morning? And how can you prepare your talent for success?

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4 Social Media Strategies Sure to Engage your Audience

by Stephanie Rittenhouse

As the way people are receiving their news has drastically changed over the past few years, social media has become a far bigger part of PR than ever before, especially when targeting certain demographics. Today, 69% of the public uses some type of social media.[1] And as social media touches almost every aspect of our lives, marketers are looking follow their audience.

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Multichannel News Releases - Best Practices for Your Project

by Julianna Thornberg

Whether it's your first time creating a Multichannel News Release (MNR) or you're a MultiVu expert, sometimes knowing where to start with your project is the hardest part. There are many moving pieces to creating a complex project like this, and it can be overwhelming for even the most experienced communication pro.

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Making the Most of Your Video Production Budget


Maximizing Your Budget with Media Tours

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Video for Integrated Campaigns: Maximizing Reach & Results across Channels


Media Tour Boot Camp: What to Know to Get Your Story on TV & Beyond


Video Production Boot Camp: What You Need to Know for Your Next Production


Beyond Broadcast: Extending the Reach of Your Media Tour & Maximizing Result

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