LAVU Generates Quality Leads and Increases Brand Awareness

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Founded in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 2010, Lavu was a pioneer in helping restaurants leverage new mobile technology to bring better services to their clients at the point of the sale. As the maker of the first full-featured iPad Point of Sale (POS) app, Lavu offers cost-effective and comprehensive software solutions to food service providers in more than 80 countries.


Generate Leads While Raising Brand Awareness in a Crowded Market

As the leader within an increasingly crowded mobile POS market, Lavu's communications and marketing strategies are highly focused on creating meaningful interactions with their key targets: millennial entrepreneurs and the publications and influencers serving that market.

Following best practices in inbound and content marketing, they have focused on creating compelling original content to capture the attention of their market - and to help identify additional leads and opportunities for revenue growth.

"Our goal was to generate qualified leads by offering a free resource that was of interest to our potential customers, namely restaurant owners, while simultaneously raising brand awareness," said Hannah Dietz, Digital and Social Content Strategist at Lavu.


A Data-Driven Strategy with Integrated Lead Generation

One of Lavu's recent campaigns was based around an original content piece, "How to Create a Successful Restaurant Menu." With the content complete, Lavu looked to Cision and PR Newswire to help build a campaign that would reach all of their key promotion channels – paid digital, organic search, traditional media press release distribution, and social - as well as leverage a new workflow solution to deliver seamless lead generation techniques.


Lavu worked with Cision and PR Newswire to utilize the Multimedia News Release, a branded landing page and content distribution solution, to serve as the hub of the multi-channel promotion program. Additionally, the Multimedia News Release offers a lead generation form that integrates with top marketing automation software including Marketo. The lead generation form - which is embedded in a prominent location on the page - allows readers to download the original content piece created by Lavu by entering their contact information. Lavu then collects that data and implements a strategy to reach out to those potential buyers.

"Inbound marketing is the bread and butter of Lavu's success. This Multimedia News Release allowed us to capitalize on this by hosting a lead generation form on the page," said Dietz.


Generated Quality Leads and Increased Brand Awareness

During planning, Dietz and team had various metrics that would indicate the campaign was a success. "We met our goal of generating qualified leads, both from the embedded form and traffic to our website, which resulted in free trial signups," said Dietz.

  • 200% more leads generated than success criteria

  • 2,000 views in net new traffic driven via landing page into the Lavu digital ecosystem

  • More than 20,000 image views and downloads

  • The release ranks in top 5 search results for the following terms: "Guide to Menu Building," "Creating a Successful Menu" and "Guide to Successful Menu."*

"Cision and PR Newswire helped us expand the reach of our content. We are extremely pleased with the pickup and overall visibility of this Multimedia News Release," added Dietz.


Continue Engaging Their Audiences with Influential Content and the Multimedia News Release

The success of this campaign encouraged Lavu to continue to utilize the Multimedia News Release platform as their hub for future multi-channel inbound marketing campaigns

The Lavu team regularly faces aggressive turnarounds and ease of use is important when deciding how to take their content to market.

"Working with the Cision and PR Newswire teams is always a great pleasure. They are extremely flexible with any changes or requests that are made. Their turnaround time is very quick and they are very accommodating,"
-concluded Dietz.

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